Your Foursquare Swarm Profile

Looking for that great beach photo you took two years ago? Want to see how many weeks you’ve been going to the gym? Keep track of everywhere you go and what you’ve shared with friends on your Foursquare Swarm profile.  On your profile you can view all those amazing photos and check-ins you’ve shared, as well as every category you’ve visited, all your friends, mayorships, streaks, and stickers you’ve unlocked. To access your profile, click on your profile picture on the top left hand corner of the screen.

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By clicking the map surrounding your profile photo, you can view all of your check-ins interactively! (Note: only you and your friends can view this map). Tap your profile photo to change it. Click your "Photos" or "Friends" buttons to see the photos you've added in Swarm and your friends Swarm profiles.

Your Check-ins

When you click on "Check-ins" you can see every place you've checked into from your most recent to your oldest check-in. You can search your check-in history by your friends names, the category of place you went to, what city or country you were in, or the name of the place you visited. Clicking "Places" will access your map to show you all of the unique places you've visited.

Your Categories

"Categories" shows all of the 100 Collectible Categories you've visited and the stickers you've unlocked at those categories, as well as the other categories of places you've been to in Swarm. Collect all 100 Categories to add to your map and share with your friends! Tap "All" to see a breakdown of your personal top Categories of all time and get more information about where you check-in the most.

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Streaks and Mayorships

Tapping "Streaks" will show you the categories you check-in to once a week or more. The more weeks you check-in at a certain category of place, the higher your streak will be! "Mayorships" record the specific places you go to the most. Whomever checks-in to a place the most in 30 days on Swarm will be crowned Mayor! "Mayorships" will also tell you where you’re in the running to earn your next Mayorship.

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Profile Privacy

At Foursquare we take your privacy seriously. That's why we've introduced some new Privacy Settings so if you don't want to share your profile stats and map you don't have to. If you're not friends with someone in Swarm, they will only be able to see your public Swarm photos and your friends list.

If you are friends with someone in Swarm, they'll be able to access your map to see all the places you've been (but not the time and date you checked in unless they go through your check-in feed), and your stats. Off-the-grid check-ins will not show on your map to anyone except you.

You can go into your privacy settings to disable sharing your map to your friends. You can also disable sharing all of your stats on your profile to your friends except your photos, friends list, and check-ins.