Collectible vs. Bonus Stickers

Stickers help you remember what types of places you’ve visited in Swarm. Once you unlock a sticker you can use it in several ways. Want to add some flair to a check-in photo? Add a sticker! Looking to earn more points on the weekly leaderboard? Use one of your upgraded stickers! You can access your stickers by clicking on your profile picture at the top left hand corner of the screen and then scrolling all way down in your profile. There are two types of stickers: Collectible and Bonus.

Collectible Stickers

100 Collectible Stickers are unlockable at different types of places. Each check-in to one of the 100 Collectible Categories helps you make progress towards earning upgrades for your Collectible Sticker. Upgrading a sticker will give you more points every time you check-in but you can only use the upgrade once a week!


Bonus Stickers

Once you've hit 25 check-ins, you can unlock bonus stickers with all kinds of special check-ins and shouts. Special stickers will unlock on some holidays, with specific words used in a check-in comment, and by going to certain places at specific times. You never know when you’ll unlock a bonus sticker, try checking in now to see if you get one!