Why am I getting the message that I'm too far away?

You'll see the message that you're too far away if Foursquare Swarm thinks you aren't near that venue. This message is based on 1) your device's geoaccuracy, 2) our map pin for the venue, and 3) where your phone thinks it is. Your phone uses various combinations of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell tower triangulation to estimate its location. Depending on which of these signals is available, the reported location can be very accurate (down to 10m/30ft if GPS is turned on and you are outside in the open where satellites are visible) or wildly approximate (somewhere in a 5km/3mi circle).

The status bar near the bottom of the Check In view shows the approximate address where your phone thinks it is. If this address seems wrong, you can force the phone to refresh its location by pulling down on the current view and releasing. If the location is still wrong after you pull to refresh, you could try to make the phone use a different type of signal to construct the location estimate. If you are inside a building, you could take the phone outdoors so it has line of sight to GPS satellites. If you have WiFi disabled, you could turn WiFi networking on. If our location for the venue seems off, you can flag the venue as mislocated.

Please note that if you're checking in to venues with vague location/no single pinpoint (such as roads/highways, towns, buses, trains, etc.), those check-ins can skew your geoaccuracy (where Foursquare thinks you are based on previous check-ins) and show the "too far away" message even when you're at a location.