Rapid Fire Check-ins

What is Rapid Fire?

We have certain check-in controls implemented. If Foursquare Swarm thinks that you're checking in more times than seems reasonable, your account will get flagged. If you're consistently checking into a bunch of venues in a short period of time (or a lot of venues in a 24-hour period), we won't award you points, badges, or mayorships for the check-ins that exceed our limits. It's ok to check in at home, at work, at the coffee, shop, at a park, at the train station, at a restaurant, picking up your dry cleaning, but if we see you checking in at every venue you walk by, you won't get credit for those check-ins. No drive-by or walk-by check-ins, please! Keep your check-ins legit and you won't run into this issue!

How long does it take for Rapid Fire flags to reset?

In general, we have limits on check-ins in the past few minutes and last day, so if you've exceeded those limits, you won't be able to earn coins, stickers, or mayorships when you're over the limit (it's a rolling time period). If you've either been checking in faster than the system thinks you can travel, checking in a lot within those time periods, or consistently checking in to venues when the system thinks you are far away, you'll run into location troubles. (This also happens if you check into places that have vague location, like a town or neighborhood--that will skew your location and make it more likely for you to get location error messages). Make sure to only check in where you are at the time, and not go crazy with your check-ins and things should work ok!