Creating groups for multiple locations

As a manager of many listings, you are able to group them based on any criteria you'd like, as long as the venues are connected to a single page.

1. Go to your "Manager Home" page and make sure you are editing info for ALL of your locations. Next, click on "Manage your locations."

2. Click "Group my locations" on the right hand side. It is only visible when you are editing the profile for all of your locations.

3. The Groups page shows all existing groups (where you can edit them as well). To create one, click Add New Group. 

4. Enter in your group name and select the venues to be in the group. If you manage many venues, you can type in the search box to filter down the list (try filtering by city, state, or even venue name)

5. Click Save.

Now whenever you're on the Manager Home page, you can perform bulk actions for venue groups you create.

Pro Tips:

  • Manage a lot of venues? Create multiple venue groups to make digesting venue stats a lot easier.
  • Create groups based on locations to make sending Local Updates more contextual to a region or specific type of store (i.e. stores that also carry menswear)
  • Need to create a special on a set of a few participating locations? Create a venue group for them then go to apply the special on that group!