Managing individual locations vs. chains

If you manage a single venue or a few unrelated venues, you can manage your venues individually from your user account.

If you manage a chain of venues, or several related locations, then they should be managed under a brand page as part of a chain.

Managing related venues together as part of a chain allows managers to quickly create updates and specials for multiple locations in one easy step.  You can still take actions on individual locations as well.  Additionally, by setting up a page, your users can quickly "like" all of your locations in a single click by just liking your central page.

To get started, claim your second location and the next time you log in you will see that location listed as "pending". Simply click on that listing and you will be prompted to organize your locations. You should indicate that your locations are related by marking them as “chains”. Once you indicate that a business is part of a chain, we create a chain page for your business. 

If you manage a large chain of over 100 locations, you can set up your chain page here.You can learn more about claiming multiple locations here