How do I add or edit my menu on Foursquare?

Currently all menus that appear on Foursquare are from Locu or SinglePlatform. Additionally, business owners do have the ability to link to a menu from another website by visiting their listing on the web and clicking "suggest an edit."


Menus and price lists that are managed using will automatically be published to your Foursquare business page. To add your menu or price list to Foursquare, create an account at

Chances are that Locu will already have a version of your menu or price list in its database. You'll simply need to verify that you're the owner of your business before it can be shared on Foursquare. If your menu or price list is not already on Locu, you can simply upload an existing file of your menu (PDF, Word, etc) and it will automatically be converted to an online version within 24 hours.

Once you publish your menu on Locu, it will display on your Foursquare business page within a few minutes. You can also manage other business information on Locu (like your street address, hours of operation, and contact info), which will automatically be shared on Foursquare too.

If you would like to update or edit a menu on Locu, please visit


To correct or add any menu data with SinglePlatform, please email with the following information:

  • The name of your business.
  • A link pointing to the business' Foursquare listing.
  • Either a URL pointing to the correct menu or an attachment (.doc or .pdf) of the correct menu.

The SinglePlatform team will ensure that all menu data is updated within 2 business days of the request, free of charge. Please note that SinglePlatform currently only supports menus in the United States and Canada.