How to create a special

Foursquare Specials are a great way to reward your most loyal customers and attract new ones! 

To get started, log in and be sure that you’re using Foursquare as your business. Make sure that you start at your Manager Home page. You can find it by hovering over your profile picture, selecting "Switch Accounts," and then select the business listing you would like to manage. On this page, you can create and review your specials by selecting "Manage your specials".   


To get started creating a new special, just click on the green “Create a new special” button in the upper right hand corner of that page. Once you’re on this page, you can build your special. This is where you can enter the details of your offer, upload a photo, and add any fine print to your special. 

Please note that specials must offer something of value that is specific to Foursquare users. The kind of value, whether monetary or experiential, is up to you! Specials that don’t meet this requirement will not be approved by our team.

On the side of the page, you will see a preview of how your special will appear to users who are visiting your business.

Now you can choose to activate your special right away or schedule it to start at a later date. You have now created a special! 

How do I let my employees know about my special?

The way in which you choose to communicate your Foursquare special is entirely up to you! But we have created a few fliers to help you out. 

Print out the Employee Flyer and share it with your staff.

Print out the Customer Flyer and post somewhere where customers can see it.

You can also direct your employees to if they want to learn more about Foursquare!