What is the style guide for adding and editing places?


  • Always use correct spelling and capitalization. (Not sure about something? Look it up!)
  • Most importantly, please format addresses according to your city/country/region’s local postal guidelines.
  • Be flexible and open-minded: remember there will be exceptions to these rules. Focus on providing thorough and correct information for as many places as possible. The rest of the Foursquare community will thank you!

The Basics

  • Try to avoid extra, unnecessary, or redundant information
    • Okay: “Starbucks”
    • Not okay: “Starbucks - Springfield” (Springfield is already listed as the city and becomes unnecessary)
    • Okay: “Main St (at 2nd St)”
    • Not okay: “Main St (Main St and 2nd St)” – Main St is redundant.
    • Example 1: You shouldn’t need to include location information in a place name
    • Example 2: If a place is located on the corner of Main St and 2nd St, the cross street shouldn’t repeat the address information.
  • When possible, stick with address abbreviations: “Rd” instead of “Road,” "Ave" instead of "Avenue,” "St" instead of "Street,” etc.
    • Okay: “Highway 54” or “Route 31”
    • Not okay: “Hwy 54” or “Rte 31” (these abbreviations are harder to read)
    • But, do not abbreviate the beginning of a street address:
  • Cross Street should be abbreviated like one of the following:
    • at Main St (for places on a corner)
    • btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave (for places located between two streets)
  • State names should be abbreviated in the US, though feel free to omit this field in countries where states/provinces are not used.
  • Categories should be useful and applicable. The primary one determines the place icon and should be the most accurate category.
  • Sub-places should use an appropriate level of granularity when choosing the place to be marked as containing. In airports, shops should usually be considered as inside of terminals, with the terminals considered as inside of the airport itself. No cities, states, countries, or other geopolitical entities should be made a sub-place.

Pro Tips