Types of places on Foursquare

Public Places

Foursquare City Guide was created to inspire exploration, expand awareness and introduce people to the best places in the world. A place exists so that we can let other people know what’s good by rating, leaving tips and adding photos. Foursquare Swarm allows you to check into these places, earn coins, unlock stickers and possibly become the mayor of your favorite corner coffee shop where the barista knows your name.  

Public places can include a new restaurant, a park, a shoe store or a bank.

Places Within Places 

Places within places are public or private places on Foursquare which are contained inside another place. For a listing to be marked as a sub-place, it should be located within the premises of the containing place, not across the street or next door. When adding a place, be sure to mark that a place is located within a larger place by checking ‘This is inside of another place’. From there you can tag the larger location it is located inside of.

Examples of places that should be marked as ‘places within places’ are:

  • Terminals (within airports)
  • Shops (within malls)
  • Fields (within parks)


To make sure your home is private to you and your friends only (and that only you and your Swarm friends are able to earn the mayorship), choose Home as the place’s primary category. Doing this will ensure that only you and your friends can see the address on the place page; everyone else will see a zoomed out map with no map pin (rather than the real location). If a check-in is shared to Twitter or Facebook, the place URL will include a map without a specific location for everyone.

Delete your home:

If you created the listing for your home and you categorized it as “Home,” you'll have the option to edit or delete it! Go to your home’s page at Foursquare.com, log into your account, and click "Edit” to the right of the location's name. Click the little trash can icon to permanently remove the location from Foursquare.