Types of places on Foursquare

There are three types of places on Foursquare: public places, private places, and homes.

Public Places

Public places on Foursquare are places that others would also want to check in to. These could include: a new restaurant, a park, a shoe store or a bank.

Private Places

Foursquare allows you to mark a location as "private". This will only show up to people who frequently check into that location. This allows you to create locations like "My car" which is a popular type of location!

Examples of locations that should be marked as private are:

Break rooms / manager's offices / office sofas / coffee machines
Locations that are simply called something like "At Work", "Work", "Jenna's Work", "Walking the dog", etc
Home offices / kitchens / rooftops / decks
Personal cars


To make sure your home on Foursquare is private to you and your friends (and that only you and your Foursquare friends are able to earn the mayorship), choose Home as the place’s primary category. Doing this will ensure that only you and your friends can see the address on the place page; everyone else sees a zoomed out map with no map pin (rather than the real location). If a mayorship, badge unlock, or check-in is shared to Twitter or Facebook, the place URL will include a map without a specific location for everyone.

Home mayorships:

Only you and those you've added as friends on Foursquare will be able to earn the Mayorship of your home.

Delete your home:

If you created the listing for your home and you categorized it as “Home,” you'll have the option to edit or delete it! Go to its page at Foursquare.com, log in to your account, and click "Edit” to the right of the location's name. Click the little trash can icon to permanently remove the location from Foursquare.

If you did not create the listing for your home and would like us to remove it, please go to the location page on the website and click “Suggest an Edit” then "Problem with this place?" for a list of flagging options. Select “This place is a home” and choose whether you wish to categorize it as a home or remove it from Foursquare. If you have more information, enter it into the space provided. Then click “Submit” to complete your request! We’ll look into it as soon as we can.

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