Place ratings

Ratings are another way for customers to find the best possible places nearby for that hot date, dim sum dinner, or spa extravaganza. When users visit a business listing on Foursquare, they'll notice a number on the right-hand side – an out-of-10 rating to help them identify which places are great, and those that could be better. They'll also see a more humanized version, like:

People like this place.
People have mixed feelings about this place.
People don’t really like this place.

A place’s rating is based on a number of signals that we’ve gathered from our social data mines; likes and dislikes, and positive versus negative tips. Not all pages will have ratings – sometimes this is because of the type of place, and other times, we haven’t gathered enough information to give it an educated rating just yet. And when users like a business or leave a tip, the score won't change automatically, as it's based on a number of different factors. 

#Protip: To increase your business's rating on Foursquare, encourage your customers to leave a tip or like your listing! The more that do, the higher your rating will be!