Your Foursquare friends should be your friends in real life, too! By sharing your check-ins, photos, tips, lists, and more with your Foursquare friends, you’ll be sharing your real-world experiences and adventures with them! And they’ll share theirs with you, too, which means you’ll discover a ton of great places that they love and recommend.

Adding friends

To add a bunch of friends on Foursquare via your phone, go to your profile in the app and tap ‘friends,’ then the ‘+friends’ button in the upper right. You can scan your address book (we just look, we don’t store any of this info!), search Twitter friends, search Facebook friends, and locate friends by name or phone number. You can also add a single friend by going to his/her profile page and tapping ‘add friend.’

To find friends on Foursquare via a computer, go to You can then search for Gmail contacts, Facebook friends, Yahoo! contacts, or people you follow on Twitter (added bonus: when you link your Foursquare to Twitter, your Foursquare URL becomes[twitter_username]). Your Foursquare experience will be more fun and more valuable the more friends you have using it, so you can also invite friends to join Foursquare.

Accepting/Ignoring a request

To accept a friend request, tap through the notification in your tray (the bubble next to the logo at the top of your app screen). If the request is from someone you do not want to approve as your Foursquare friend, tap ‘ignore.’ The friend will continue to see ‘pending’ when they check up on the status of the request and the person will not be able to invite you to be their Foursquare friend again.   

Canceling a friend request

To cancel a pending request, log in on the web and go to the profile page of the user you've requested to be your friend.   Then click 'Cancel' on the right hand side. 

Removing friends

In the app, tap through to the friend’s profile page and tap ‘friends.’ This will remove the person from your friends list and cause the button to toggle back to ‘add friend.’

You can also remove multiple friends at once by going to (or click ‘Friends’ from the dropdown in the upper right corner). Just mouse over the friend you'd like to remove and click the 'X' that appears to the right. You can also select which friends you'd like to receive notifications from in this view.

Note that this will only work on a computer and not on a mobile browser.

Friend request notifications

You can opt to receive emails when you get a friend request. You can update this under ‘My Settings’ in the app, from the individual profile pages, or on your settings page via the website. Make sure there is a check mark next to "Send Emails when my friends check in."

Note: you may only have 1000 friends on Foursquare and have up to 500 pending/outstanding friend requests at any given moment.

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