Mayors, Badges, and Points

Mayors and Mayorships

When you become the mayor of a place on Foursquare, you not only get a snazzy title, but you might also receive special treatment! Mayorships are based on the most *days* with check-ins in the past 60 days (you could have more check-ins overall but fewer check-ins over the past 60 days). Only one check-in per day will count. Keep in mind that you might find yourself neck and neck with another user who is checking in to the venue often, in which case that's all part of the fun!

In order to be eligible, go to your privacy settings and check the "Let me earn mayorships (I realize that mayorship is a public office)" box. You also need a profile photo! You can upload a photo to your account in the app or in your account settingsNote: photos must be 200 KB or smaller (jpg, gif, or png format).

And remember, only users who have legit check-ins (no rapid-fire check-ins, no drive-by check-ins, and no fake check-ins) will be able to reign.

Oh, and if you’re using the mobile website at, your check-ins will not count towards the Mayor tally. Sorry about that! 


We don't give away exactly how you can earn badges - it's more fun that way!

If you haven't earned a badge that you think you should have, it's possible that our system has flagged some of your check-ins. Due to our anti-couch check-in controls, check-ins that were made when you seem to be far away from a venue, check-ins that exceed our time limit counts, or check-ins that are farther apart that a person could travel would all be flagged and not earn you badges. Sometimes badges are harder to earn than you'd think. Keep checking in and trying out new places (and frequenting your favorites), and you'll earn badges in due time!

Note: only badges earned in your current location will show up on the app. To see a full list of badges you've earned, go to your Trophy Case.


The system does not award points when we think you're a bit far from where you're checking in. You can click on the "Details" tab of the venue screen in your phone to see where we've placed the pin on the map, and if it's off, you can tap the square with the arrow in the upper right corner, and flag the address as incorrect. If you've been checking in more times that we think you can actually go places (remember, no drive-by or walk-by check-ins!), then we won't award points.

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