Swarm is a fun, interactive way to keep a record all the places you go. Checking in on Swarm builds a lifelog: an instantly searchable database of all your magical moments, so you can remember everywhere.

Tap the check-in icon in the bottom center to update to your current location. You can also add a photo, leave a comment, add a friend, and even add a sticker to your check-in!

Keep checking in to more places to unlock fun new stickers and categories, you’ll never know when or where you’ll unlock a new one!

Checking in friends

Tap the check-in icon, then tap the user icon with a "+" sign to select a friend from your friends list. 

Mentioning friends

When you check in to a place or comment on a check-in, you can also 'mention' one or more of your friends. To do this, tap the "@" key, and your friends list will pop up. Start typing the name of a friend to filter through your list.

Adding Check-in photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the perfect way to take your check-in to the next level, while earning some extra coins. To add a photo to a check-in, select the camera icon in the top left corner of your check-in. Once selected, you will be prompted to select a photo from your camera roll, or take a new photo.


To spruce up the photo, have some fun with our stickers. Once you unlock a sticker by checking in to one of the 100 Collectible Categories, you can use it on your check-ins and Swarm photos! Select from our fun collection of stickers, ranging from pizza slices to party hats, with the option to drag the stickers anywhere on the photo.  To remove a sticker from the photo, tap the sticker again on the sticker carousel. Once you've hit 25 check-ins you'll have access to even more bonus stickers.

Disclaimer: photos added to check-ins are visible by other users who check-in, or view the listing on Foursquare City Guide. To disable this, click the button next to "Let anyone see this Photo" on your photo upload screen.

Also, photos added to your check-in will be visible to your Twitter/Facebook followers if you've shared it there!

Editing a Check-in

Just checked in but forgot someone or something you wanted to remember? Try editing your check-in! You can make private check-ins public and vice versa, fix typos, add photos, and add friends after the fact! To edit a check-in, tap on a check-in and go to the check in detail screen, then tap 3 dots in the corner. Note: to keep the coins in Swarm fair, we've limited it so only three photos added after checking in will count for coins.


*Note: this feature is currently only available on iOS devices.

Sharing a Check-in

Take your check-in beyond the app, and show your friends where you’ve been by sharing your check-in. To do that, just click on the check-in, and click the share icon in the top right corner.


From there you will have the option to share on Facebook, Twitter, via email or text message.

Checking into an event

To check into an event, just check into the place where the event is being hosted. From there you will be asked, “Here for an event?” You can select "just check me in" or you can select the event from the list below.

Deleting a Check-in

To delete a check-in from your history,  click the trash can icon in the top right corner on the check-in detail screen. You will then be able to confirm or cancel the deletion of that check-in

Please note that a deleted check-in cannot be restored. Any photos attached to the check-in will also be removed.

Forgot to Check-in?

Forgot to, or couldn't, check in somewhere? See our guide here.