Tips are public notes that you leave at a place to let other Foursquare users know about an experience you recommend (or recommend be avoided) such as: "Get the off-menu butterscotch milkshake" or "Stay away during the morning coffee rush. You'll get better service after 11am!" Think of tips as a piece of insider knowledge you would share with a friend to make their experience at a favorite place that much better.


To add a tip, go to a place page in the mobile app and tap the blue plus sign button, then the 'Leave a Tip' button. Write a little piece of wisdom (and upload a photo!) to leave behind for future visitors. The History tab shows you a list of the places you’ve visited, granting you easy access to leave great tips at places you want to let others know about.

To edit a tip, find the tip you want to change and click the ‘Edit’ button. Right now, you can only edit tips via the web and not the mobile app, except in the case of adding a photo to a tip in the app.

To delete a tip, tap through to the tip detail, then scroll down and tap 'Delete this tip.' On the web, click the time/date on the tip, and click "Delete."

Tip Voting

Upvoting a tip means you agree with, or like, the tip in question. If you loved the cheese fries with gravy that someone else wrote a tip about, go ahead and give that sucker an upvote.

Downvoting a tip should be reserved for outdated or offensive content. Is the WiFi password no longer correct? Does the place you're at no longer serve tempura bacon? Was the tip-leaver really nasty and unconstructive about their experience? Downvote away.

Please don't downvote a tip because someone wrote about their favorite cocktail that you happen to dislike. Downvotes should be reserved for addressing tips that are not useful. After you've downvoted a tip, we'll ask you to provide more information about why you did so.


All tips that you write (and the photos you attach to them) will be viewable by the public. Please keep this in mind whenever you choose to leave a tip!