What information is shared when I connect my Twitter account?

You have the option to connect your Twitter account to your Foursquare account during the Foursquare sign-up process or by going to your account settings.  

Added bonus: when you link your Foursquare account to Twitter, your Foursquare URL becomes Foursquare.com/[twitter_username].  

Once your Foursquare account is connected to your Twitter account, then:

  • A clickable link to your Twitter profile will appear on your Foursquare profile page, which means that it will be publicly viewable.

  • You have the option of publishing a given check-in to Twitter. Individual Swarm check-ins will be published only if you choose to have them published.  Each check-in screen on Foursquare has two buttons - “t” and “f” buttons representing the logos of Twitter and Facebook - that allow you to choose to publish (or not) your check-in to Twitter (the first time you visit a check-in screen after you first link your Twitter account, the buttons on the check-in screen will be defaulted to share.)

  • Your name will appear in the Tweets of Swarm friends by default.  You can choose not to appear in the Tweets of your friends on your account settings.  

  • You can choose whether to publish your other activity to Twitter, such as sharing your Mayorship and Sticker unlocks to Twitter or sharing your likes, saves, Tips, lists, Stickers and Mayorships to your timeline.  You can always adjust these sharing settings by going to your account settings.   

  • You will be able to see which of your Twitter followers are on Foursquare and vice versa.   

Note: Anything you publish to Twitter, including your published check-ins, will appear on your Twitter stream in real-time, where all of your Twitter followers can view it (also, anyone visiting Twitter can see public tweets which are crawled and discoverable by search engines, unless you make your Tweets private in your Twitter user settings). 

You can disconnect your connected Twitter account by going to your account settings.