Why does foursquare.com want to use my current location?

When you receive a pop-up in your browser that says something along the lines of “The website “https://foursquare.com” would like to use your current location,” you can either click Allow to receive suggestions relative to your current spot (we won’t mark your current location or reveal it to any other users unless you have checked in to that spot through the app) OR you can choose Disallow to use the site without these location-dependent features.

You can also adjust your browser preferences if you’d rather not answer this question each time you revisit the homepage! To do so, go to your browser’s preferences and find the content settings tab. Scroll down to location and you should see a few different options:

  • Allow always 
  • Ask me each time
  • Never allow (& manage exceptions) 

Please note that when your browser detects your location and shares it with Foursquare, we are only displaying this to you on the website (not sharing it with your Swarm friends--we only share your public check-ins with your friends)! By allowing us to access this information, you are giving us permission to give you super smart and interesting suggestions of cool places nearby.