What information is shared when I connect my Facebook account?

You have the option to connect your Facebook account to your Foursquare account during the Foursquare sign-up process or by going to your account settings.

What can I see?

If you’ve connected Facebook to your Foursquare account, you’ll now be able to see places that your Facebook friends have liked, left tips at, and taken public photos at, even if you’re not friends on Foursquare yet. Tips from your Facebook friends will be highlighted in your Explore results, too.

Your check-in privacy will remain the same. As always, we’ll never post to Facebook without your permission, and you’ll only see each other’s check-ins if you decide to add each other as friends on Foursquare. It’s a great way to instantly have a little more insight about a place.

What can my Facebook friends see?

Your Facebook friends will be able to see places that you have liked, written tips at, and left public photos for. All of the same information that's currently shared with the Foursquare community. 

As always, your check-ins are ONLY shared with your Swarm friends, unless you choose to share them to Facebook.

What can everyone see?

Anything you publish to Facebook, including your published check-ins, will be viewable by everyone who’s allowed to view your Facebook activity (before pushing your Foursquare activity to Facebook, make sure you’re comfortable with your Facebook Privacy Settings.)

Where can I see it?

You'll be able to see your Facebook friends in Explore as well as on place pages. They will appear within search results in explore at places that they have liked!

What if I don't have a Facebook account connected?

If you haven't connected your Facebook account yet, it's easy! Click here to visit the settings page where you can get started!