Superusers (SUs)

Superusers are the dedicated and passionate members of our community who help keep Foursquare places organized behind the scenes. You can identify Superusers by the wing emblem on their profiles. Some of the benefits of joining our Superuser community are: 

  • Live Q&As with Foursquare product teams
  • Monthly newsletters with exclusive content
  • Global meet-ups and special events
  • Beta programs to test new features before they’re released
  • Forums to engage with the community and give product feedback

How can I become a Superuser?

If you’re a perfectionist who loves proper grammar and spelling, if you twitch a little when you see a duplicate listing, or if you cringe when a place has incorrect or missing information, just log in and fill out this application to apply. Friendly tip: you should read our guidelines first! 

Superuser Leveling

Superusers range from level 1 (beginners) to level 10 (our editing gurus). You can learn more about leveling here. Level up by adding and improving places in Foursquare City Guide or Foursquare Swarm. Each time you advance, you gain additional benefits and influence within the community.

To get promoted to the next Superuser level, apply here!