About ads

Right now, millions of people are on their phones, using Foursquare City Guide to decide where to go next. With Foursquare City Guide Ads, you can get them walking through your door. Foursquare City Guide helps you connect with them at exactly the right time. We’ll show your ad to people right near you who are likely to buy what you offer. Click here to get started.

Who will see my ad?

We target ads based on two criteria - whether a person is near your business, and if they are likely to become a customer!

We know if someone is likely to become a customer based on where they’ve visited previously (for instance, at similar places in another part of town) or because they’re searching for something related to your business (for instance, ‘pizza’ if you’re a pizza parlor). 

Where will my ad appear?

When someone opens Foursquare City Guide on their phone, they might see an ad when they search for a specific place to go, or on the first screen if we know they frequent similar businesses. We will never show an ad to someone who is already at your business.

Who are my potential customers?

Customers are people in your area who are likely to go to your business. We have a unique set of demographic information, and now you can leverage that to help target people who are most likely to patronize your business!

For instance, if you are a coffee shop, we know that there are people in your area who like coffee but have never been to your cafe or who rarely visit. We also know when someone is explicitly searching for a place to get coffee near you.