Bidding and billing

What is a bid? 

A bid is the most you’d be willing to spend for a new customer. In practice, though, we’ll only charge you the second-place bid, as described below.

What should I bid?

We will help by recommending a bid amount when you create your ad. This way your ad will be competitive enough to show up when a potential customer is nearby, even if another business also has a bid. You can change your bid at any time. 

Does increasing my bid help my ad?

If you want your ad to show up more frequently, you can increase your bid. Sometimes your ad may not show up because another business bid a higher amount. Increasing your bid means more potential customers will see your ad instead of other ads.

How does bidding work?

When we spot a potential customer in your area, we use an auction to decide what ad to show them. To do this, we look at all bids from relevant nearby businesses, as well as how effective their ads are.

For instance, Mario's Pizza may have bid $2.00 and 25% of people who see the ad visit their store, and Luigi's Pizza may have bid $1.50 and 50% of people who view the ad visit their store. To determine which ad to show, we compare those numbers.

So, for Mario, their “score” is ($2.00 * 25%), or 0.5 “points.” And Luigi’s score is ($1.50 * 50%), or 0.75 “points.” In this auction, even though Luigi’s bid is lower, Luigi wins because their overall score is higher. So Luigi’s ad gets shown, and if a potential customer act on the ad, Luigi pays the bid that would have given him the same score as Mario (or whoever had the second-highest score), which in this case is $1.00 (because $1.00 * 50% = 0.5).

If want to get more people to see your ad, you can either create a more compelling ad here or raise your bid.

What is a monthly budget?

You’ll never pay more than your monthly budget, ever. We’ll send you an email if your budget is running low, so you can decide if you want to increase it to get more customers. Once your budget has been spent, we’ll stop showing your ad for that month. You can change your budget or stop your ad at any time.

What should I set for my monthly budget?

That’s up to you! Try starting off with a number that you are comfortable with spending, related to your business. Try to think about what you have spent in the past to bring customers into your doors. Your monthly budget is something that you can edit at anytime, so feel free to experiment!

What happens when my budget has been spent?

Congratulations, it looks like you’ve created a very successful ad! We will send you an email asking if you would like to increase your monthly budget so you can continue to reach more people who are interested in your business. If not, we will just stop showing your ad for the remainder of that month.

What if I don’t spend it all?

That’s ok! You will only be charged for the ads that people have engaged with, which may not be your entire budget. On the first of the month your budget resets, and again you will only be charged for the ads that have been acted on.

When will I be billed?

You will be billed every Monday for the charges of the previous week. Ads are billed on a recurring weekly basis until they are paused or cancelled. 

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards.

How does Foursquare store my billing information?

We store card details in our secure billing system. If you used a credit card to claim your business, it's already on file. If you need to, you can change your billing card at any time by visiting your billing center.