Lists are your tools for curating the great places you need to keep track of; from bars with the best happy hour specials to the most sought-after outdoor brunch spots and beyond.

Default Lists

By default, you'll start out with two Lists:

My Saved Places

Found a recommendation for a taco place that you don't want to forget? Quickly add any place to your Saved Places List by simply tapping the "Save" button.

My Liked Places

Remember how much you loved that museum you went to last weekend? Places you've rated with a heart will appear in your Liked Places List so you'll always be able to recall your favorite spots.

Creating Lists

If you want to get more specific, you can create a custom List to showcase places that fall within a certain category. To create a list, head over to your Lists tab and tap the + on the top right of your screen. Title your list and tap "Create."


Adding Places to a List

To add a place to a List, tap the three-dots on a recommendation and tap "Add to List..." then choose an existing List, or create a new one.




Sharing a List

Take your lists beyond Foursquare City Guide, and send your top curated lists to friends via messaging, email or other social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. To share, tap the share icon on the top right of your screen.

Deleting and Renaming a List

To delete or rename a list, tap the three dots on the right under the main image.