Place details

The Foursquare app helps you discover new places, with recommendations from a community you trust. To help you do that, our places details give you a glimpse into a restaurant, bar or cafe before you even step outside. Beyond the basic contact information of the place, you will see food and drink offerings, price, hours, features provided such as credit cards, wi-fi and outdoor seating, and what people are saying. There will also be links to their social media pages.

Place details also includes a link to place a reservation with OpenTable (if available) and the option to ride there with Uber.

Menus and pricing on Foursquare places

Visiting your favorite restaurant and want to plan your meal in advance? Often, you'll see the option to view a restaurant's menu right on Foursquare! To view a menu, click on place details and you'll see the option to "View Menu.” For many of these places we’ve also added a pricing icon to give you a sense of how fancy a night you’re in for.

Are you a business manager and want to add or edit your menu? Check out the article for that here


You'll notice many places on Foursquare also show events happening at that location. Going to see a Beyoncé concert (lucky you!)? You'll be able to check in right to the event when you check in to the location where it's hosted. For more info on how to do so, check out our guide to checking in!