'Leave Tip' bookmark button

To use the 'Leave Tip' button, please visit https://foursquare.com/about/tipbutton and click the green "Get it now" button. From there, you can drag the green button to your bookmarks bar in your web browser.

If you're having trouble seeing the bookmarks bar, please find your browser below to make sure you have it enabled.

  • Chrome: Ctrl-shift-b on Windows or ⌘-shift-b on Mac
  • Firefox: View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Internet Explorer: Right-click the toolbar area and click "Favorites bar"
  • Safari: Ctrl-shift-b on Windows or ⌘-shift-b on Mac

Once you have added the button to your bookmarks bar, you're all set! On any web page, you'll be able to tap the "Leave a tip" bookmark button. If you're already looking at a specific venue, the tool will auto-detect the corresponding Foursquare place (you can always change this if it's incorrect). Highlight any text on the page to automatically include that text in your Tip. Neato!