Foursquare City Guide BrandBot

The Foursquare City Guide BrandBot is designed to help publishers and brands generate Foursquare tips from their already written and published reviews, articles, and other forms of content.

BrandBot crawls thousands of pages on your site, and picks up interesting tidbits that you can then easily share with your followers and the entire Foursquare community. As BrandBot visits various pages, it intelligently extracts your insights about physical locations around the world and matches them to places Foursquare knows about.

You can now easily generate hundreds or thousands of helpful Foursquare City Guide tips for you to publish, complete with your branding, beautiful images, and links back to your company’s website.

With what user-agent does the Foursquare City Guide BrandBot access my site?

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Foursquare-BrandBot/0.1; +

Will BrandBot slow my site down?

The BrandBot is designed to make a request to your site about once a second. If you are concerned about the bot overwhelming your server, please reach out to us by opening a ticket and we will work with you to find a suitable crawl rate.

Does Foursquare City Guide automatically publish any content extracted from my site?

No. You always have the final say as to which content is published under your brand’s name. We use BrandBot to help extract interesting content that you have already written, so all you have to do is approve and publish. While the BrandBot will try to find a photo for the tip and will point the “Read More” link to the page from which the tip was extracted, ultimately you control whether or not to publish the tip, whether or not to include a photo, and to where the “Read More” link points.

It doesn’t look like the BrandBot has visited my site, but I’m interested in building my brand’s presence on Foursquare City Guide. Is there somewhere I can submit my site to be crawled?

Please reach out to us by opening a ticket.