Foursquare Swarm for Merchants

People use Foursquare Swarm to explore and find the best places the world has to offer. They use the app to check in and let their friends know that they’re frequenting your business. Your business will show up as a check in option if a user is nearby. Anyone using Foursquare Swarm will be able to see your business name and address. To view your business's tips, photos, location info, and other details, a user can tap to view your full listing in Foursquare City Guide.

Check-ins from Foursquare Swarm will still count towards the total visits shown on your listing and under customer stats, which you can access on your Foursquare City Guide manager home page. Any photo that a user shares publicly from Foursquare Swarm will also appear on your Foursquare City Guide listing. For more information about specials, click here.  

Only ads from some of our national partners will appear in Foursquare Swarm after a user checks in to a relevant place. Ads for local businesses will appear in Foursquare City Guide in our search results and promoted places. We’ll still be able to tell if someone views an ad in Foursquare City Guide and checks in on Foursquare Swarm.