What are stickers?

Stickers are a visual reward for exploring the world around you. They are fun representations of the Collectible Categories you’ve been to and the things you’ve done.

To get started, there’s a set of 100 stickers to collect based on the Collectible Categories! You can unlock these by checking in to the Collectible Categories you go to. 

There’s also a set of ever-growing Bonus Stickers to unlock. Once you hit 25 check-ins you’ll start out with some but keep your eyes peeled and your senses sharp you never know when a new one will appear! Some are limited edition too so keep an eye on @swarmapp Twitter so you’ll never miss out.


How do I use them?

There are a few fun ways to show off your accomplishments with stickers:

-add them to your check-ins

-attach them in messages with friends

-spice up your photos by applying stickers 

Once you unlock a sticker, you can use it in any of these ways at any time.

 ...But wait! There’s more.

Your Collectible Stickers can be applied to a check-in to earn an additional 2 bonus coins.

We’ll suggest the best sticker to add to your check-in for bonus coins and highlight it with golden sparkles! For example: use the Suds McGee sticker at a bar to earn 2 extra bonus coins for that check-in.


The more you check-in to a Collectible Category of place, the closer you’ll be to upgrading your sticker. Stickers with 2x and 3x upgrades earn more coins per check-in (and look really cool). Please note that upgrades replace your existing sticker bonus, are limited to once per week, and reset Sunday at midnight. So use them wisely! 

Pro tips on how to get the most out of your upgrades:

-If you want to get real fancy, use your upgraded sticker when you post photos, check in with friends, or at places when you're on a streak. This will help you maximize your bonus coins.

-If you bought a sticker upgrade and upgrade to Swarm 5.0+, don't worry! Your sticker will stay upgraded. This applies to all stickers that are part of the 100 Collectible Categories. Not every sticker will be eligible for upgrades in Swarm 5.0+, only stickers that are related to the 100 Collectible Categories.