Following people, brands, and experts help shape your recommendations on Foursquare City Guide.

To follow other users, head to your Me tab in the app, then tap Follow People. Here, you'll be able to find users you already know by connecting your Contacts, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. You'll also see suggested people to follow as well as search for people you already know.

Note that Foursquare City Guide never shares your real-time location with your followers.

What can my followers see?

When someone follows you on Foursquare City Guide, they will see your tips (which have always been public), public photos, tastes, and ratings you've left at places. They will never see your Foursquare Swarm check-ins or your real-time location. Only users who you specifically confirm as friends on Swarm will see you check-ins.

Foursquare Swarm Friends and Foursquare City Guide Followers

When you send a friend request to someone in Foursquare Swarm, you'll automatically start following them on Foursquare City Guide. When someone accepts your friend request in Foursquare Swarm, they'll automatically start following you on Foursquare City Guide.

Please note: Unfriending someone in Foursquare Swarm will not unfollow them on Foursquare City Guide, nor will it cause them to unfollow you. You will still follow each other's Tips, but you will no longer see one another's location or check-ins.

Additionally, unfollowing someone on Foursquare City Guide will not unfriend them in Foursquare Swarm.

Can I block followers or make my profile private?

Currently, there's no way to make your Foursquare City Guide profile private, but you can block certain users. To do so, go to their profile page in the app and tap the ellipses in the upper right corner. You'll see the option to block and/or report the user. Blocking will prevent the user from viewing your profile, and prevent them from voting on or saving your tips. 

Keep in mind though that your followers never have access to your check-in history unless you're friends with them on Foursquare Swarm. Likewise, all users have always been able to see your tips created on Foursquare City Guide because they've always been public.