Notifications in Foursquare Swarm

Choose to get notifications for when your friends check-in, when things are happening nearby, and/or other social notifications.

First, you must enable notifications for your mobile device. On iOS, navigate to Settings > Notification Center > Foursquare Swarm and make sure notifications are enabled. On Android, navigate to Settings > Apps > Foursquare Swarm and check the "Show notifications" box.

Check-in notifications

To enable check-in notifications for your friends, navigate to your Profile > Settings > Check-in Notifications and toggle this on. You can then set whether you would like to be notified when a friend "always" checks in, when they're "nearby," or never (by tapping the "off" button).

You can also navigate to an individual user's profile to update this. Check-in notifications can still be toggled in the off position (in Settings) for these to work.

Other notifications

To adjust the below "Happening Nearby" and "Social" notifications that Foursquare Swarm sends you, navigate to your Profile > Settings > Other Notifications.

Happening Nearby (in app and email notifications):

  • Check-in notifications from a friend
  • When my friends make plans

Social (in app and email notifications):

  • When I receive a friend request or friend confirmation
  • When a Facebook friend joins Foursquare Swarm
  • When a comment is added to a check-in or plan I was mentioned in or commented on
  • When a friend likes my check-in
  • When a friend mentions me in a check-in, plan, or comment