Since the beginning of Foursquare City Guide, tips have been one of our most important and popular features. People have shared a lot of opinions – about off-menu items, the best view, free wifi codes… really about everything. It’s a great way to take your knowledge and pay it forward. 

We wanted to celebrate people who share their expertise, and highlight the great tips they leave. The result of this is ‘expertise’ you can earn.

How to earn expertise:

To earn expertise, you just have to show off your knowledge. When you leave great tips, you make progress. And, the more people like or save them, the faster you’ll earn expertise. You can earn expertise at a type of place (like ‘Dumplings’ or ‘Vintage Shops’) or a neighborhood or city (who doesn’t want to have expertise of Chinatown or SoHo?).

To view your expertise, navigate to your profile and tap Expertise. All of the tips you’ve written on Foursquare City Guide will count towards your expertise. If you earn more than three, you can pick and choose which are proudly displayed on your profile!