Notifications in Foursquare City Guide

Notifications in Foursquare City Guide will keep you updated in a number of ways: ranging from social features to letting you know when you’re near a place we know you’ll love.

You can adjust your notification preferences by navigating to the “Me” tab, tapping the settings wheel, and tapping “Notifications.” From here, you can control the types of notifications you do or don’t receive.


  • You’re near something great: Foursquare City Guide will let you know that you’re in the vicinity of a place that we think you should check out right away. This is done by analyzing your tastes, the places you’ve been to before, and the places you’ve rated.
  • We have a suggestion for something great: Foursquare City Guide will keep you informed about awesome places you’ll want to plan a trip to based on the same factors above.
  • Trip Planning: Planning a trip? When you start viewing venue pages for places outside your home location, we'll step in and offer help to make your trip to that city as awesome as possible. This notification will show you the best spots in the city you've been daydreaming about.


  • We want to know what you thought of a recently visited place: Foursquare City Guide will ask you to rate a place you’ve been to recently, so we can get you to more places you’ll love.


  • Someone follows you: When another user starts following your tips, we’ll let you know.
  • A friend joins Foursquare City Guide: We look through your friends on the channels you’ve allowed us to see, and we’ll let you know when someone joins the Foursquare fun.
  • Someone shares a place or tip with you: Your buddy needs you to check out the great sushi place they just visited, this is how we can let you know.
  • Someone saves a place or tip you shared with them: You need your buddy to check out the great sushi place you just visited, this is how we let you know they saved it.


  • Someone likes or saves one of your tips: When another user on Foursquare City Guide sees a tip you left somewhere and saves it, we’ll let you know. This reinforces your trendsetter status by informing the community about cool stuff.
  • You get closer to earning an expertise: When you rate places in a certain category, you’ll start to earn expertise, putting your tips at the top of those kinds of places. We’ll keep you updated on your progress.

Side notes:

You'll need to enable notifications on your device. Head to your Settings app, then Notifications, then "Allow Notifications" for Foursquare City Guide.

In order to receive location-based notifications, you’ll need to allow Foursquare City Guide to access your location on your phone’s settings.

On iOS: Go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services, Foursquare City Guide, and tap “Always”

On Android: Go into Foursquare City Guide settings, then Location Settings, then make sure the box is checked for “Location Services.”

Worried about your battery? We've been working on location-based notifications for a long time now; it only takes a tiny sip of your battery.