Translated Place Names

FAQ and Style Guide for translated place names

We’ve introduced the ability for users (currently SU8+) to suggest translated names for venues in any language. As with any venue edit, if it needs to be reviewed, it will appear in the info queue for SUs to review.

What is a translated venue name?

This feature allows us to help travellers identify places in their native language, with an extra emphasis on non-romanized languages. Traditionally, we’ve handled this by changing the entire venue name and adding another language in parenthesis. Since we’re moving to a more programmatic approach, we wanted to set a few guidelines for the community when suggesting translations.

Only translate places that have a distinct name in another language.

For example, “Whole Foods” is a brand name grocery chain. There’s no spanish equivalent, so don’t submit “Alimentos Integrales” as a translation. A good rule of thumb is to follow the business’s signage.
We aren’t looking for translations for every venue in the world. A local food stall/ coffee shop may only be known by one name, so leave it at that.

You don’t have to tag a venue’s language if there is only one translation.

It’s just extra, unnecessary work for you ;)

I’m so excited to translate! Where should I start?

With venues like major world landmarks, big tourist attractions, places where it’s beneficial to the largest number of people. Think big! Again don’t translate just for the sake of translation. Make sure that you’re only translating if a venue is known by different names in different languages.

If there is only a romanized name of a non-roman name, it should be tagged as "English" not the local language. Even if it's not "translated" into English.

For example, the Chinese name "街头绿地" literally translates to "Green Street", but since signage usually gives the pinyin (transliterated) "Jiētóu lǜdì" or just "jietou ludi" we should use that and label it as English (since it's relatively comprehensible and useful to an English speaker)

How should I handle an existing venue that already has a translation listed in the name?

Take “Coffee World” and paste it into the “name” choose “English” and click add name.

Take “คอฟฟี่ เวิลด์” and paste it into the “name”, choose “Thai” and click add name.
Do not set the language at the top of the page next to the original venue name.
Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

Now, when viewing the venue on the web you will see the following:
If there’s a translation that matches your language, you will see that translation. 

Otherwise, we will try to show you an English/romanized name.
If the primary language of the country does not match your language, and we have a translation in that language, you will see it in addition to the most readable name we found for you.