Messages makes it easier to meet up with your friends! You can now use Foursquare Swarm to message one friend, a select group of friends, or all friends nearby. 

Include Friends from your Address Book

Even if your friends aren’t on Foursquare Swarm, you can add people from your Address Book to a group message, so they never miss out on the next hangout.  

If you’ve received a message from Foursquare Swarm but do not wish to participate in your friend’s messages, you can opt out of these texts at any time by replying with STOP.

Share a Location

To send a message, just tap on the compose button on the upper left side of the screen and add the friends you want to message. Sending a message lets you share your specific location with your friends right on the map. You can also share stickers with your friends by tapping on the pin on the right side of the message field.

Pick a sticker and press send!


Location Sharing in Messaging

When you participate by replying back to a message, your phone's location will be shared with the other participants in the message. Don't worry, your phone's location is not shared when you read or receive a message, only if you reply. Location sharing in messages is independent of your neighborhood sharing settings.

Privacy in Messaging

We take your privacy seriously. That's why we've created a setting to help you restrict messages to only the people you're friends with on Swarm. Just head over to your Settings > Privacy and select "Only Friends of Friends" under Messages



Happy messaging!