History Tab

That new bar you went to over the weekend was awesome, wasn’t it? But what about that coffee spot yesterday morning that wasn’t so great? Tell us all about it! Foursquare City Guide wants you hanging out at more cool bars and drinking less bad coffee.

The History tab is your resource for the places you’ve visited, and some of the places we think you might have been, so you can let us know which ones you liked and which ones weren’t so hot. This lets us suggest new places we know you’ll love.

Places in blue are the places you've confirmed you were at (or, if you're a Swarm user, places you've checked into). Places in gray are where we think you might have been based on your phone's location.

To confirm you were at a place on the list, tap the check button. You'll then be presented with an option to rate how you liked that place. Letting us know the places you like and dislike helps us point you in the direction of more awesome destinations!

Sometimes you were close to a place you weren't actually at. To let us know you weren't at a place on your list, tap the three dots. We'll suggest a few other surrounding places for you to choose from, or simply tap "No, remove this from my history"

As always, your privacy is important to us, and your history is only visible by you.