Why am I not earning coins for my check ins?

There are a few instances where you might not receive coins for a check in. 

If you’re too far away

If Foursquare Swarm thinks you’re too far away from the place where you’re trying to check in, you may not receive coins. 

For example: Just got back to the office and forgot to check in at that sweet lunch spot? Checking in from your desk might register as too far away, and might result in no coins being awarded.

Please note, if you're checking into a place like a road, train, highway, etc., the signals we get from your phone may mistakenly think that you're too far away. These kinds of places can potentially span over hundreds of miles or just a few hundred feet, and are very different than a home, shop or restaurant that account for the majority of the places people check in. While you may not get coins, don't worry we're still keeping track of your Mayorships and streaks!

Too many check-ins in a row

If Swarm thinks you're checking-in more times than seems reasonable, you may not receive coins for that check-in.

If we detect that you’re going too fast, subsequent check-ins may also be affected. You’ll need to allow some time for things to get back to normal. No drive-by or walk-by check-ins, please! Remember, only check in when you’re actually at a place and you’ll get those coins.

We know how important your check-ins are. We won’t ever remove a check-in or alter your existing coin balance in any way. The places you check in at will always be visible in your history, regardless of coins earned.

Forgot/Couldn’t Check-in?

Forgot to check-in at the concert? Bad reception while you were there? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in situations like this. If we think you were at a place but didn’t check-in, we’ll show you suggestions on your profile so you can retroactively check-in and earn coins.

Learn more about Historical Check-ins here.