What if I forgot to or couldn’t check in somewhere?

Bad reception at the concert? Didn't want to take out your phone to check in on that blind date? Forgot to check in at the gym and worried about missing that streak? We all forget things sometimes, but that's okay! We’ve got some cool features to help you keep track of all the great places you've been.

Historical Check-in



When we think you've been at a place but you haven't checked in, we'll suggest that place in your history on your profile. You're just a few taps away from confirming that you were there and adding it to your check-in history.

(note: these suggestions are just our best guess. If you weren't actually at that place or don't want to add it to your check-in history, just tap the x next to the suggestion)

Check-in Reminders

We'll also keep an eye out and remind you to check in when you arrive somewhere. You’ll just need to make sure you have notifications turned on. Never miss out on unlocking that next sticker, becoming Mayor, moving up on your leaderboard, or the chance to humblebrag about that amazing new restaurant.

How to enable:

  • Go to your profile tab
  • Tap the Settings icon and tap "Other Notifications"
  • Tap “Show Check-in Suggestions in History” to turn “ON” or “OFF”

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