Foursquare City Guide for Slack

Choosing where to go for lunch or happy hour with colleagues? Trying to decide where to hold the company picnic? With the Foursquare City Guide for Slack, we take the guesswork out of choosing great places to go, in the places that are convenient for you.

Simply connect your Foursquare City Guide account to Slack, then use the Slash Command “/foursquare” + what you’re looking for and where (“/foursquare happy hour near soho, new york” or “/foursquare mexican in somo, san francisco). We’ll suggest some of our best top picks that match your query. This means less time deciding and debating, and more time out in good company.

Pro-tip: You can search for anything you would normally find on Foursquare City Guide, so go ahead and search for a specific taste, like Vietnamese spring rolls, or a general category, like Italian Restaurant.

The Foursquare City Guide Slash Command works on both desktop and mobile Slack apps, so you're never too far away from great suggestions.




Please note: There is a limit of 10 integrations if you're using Slack's free option.