With every check-in, you will earn coins for various reasons. You’ll earn higher amounts of coins for checking in with photos (up to three photos per check-in), friends, checking into new places or categories, or continuing a streak!

Throughout the week, you’ll be competing with your friends for the number one spot on the leaderboard. Everyone’s leaderboard is unique and dependent on their friend group.

Each week you'll get a notification in your inbox to view your leaderboard. You can see what place you're in each time you check in. If you've placed in one of the top spots compared to the rest of your friends who are competing, you'll get extra coins and a piñata! Extra coins will vary depending on how many friends you were competing with and what place you earned that week.

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You can also see how everyone else on your friends list who competed the last week placed. Click on any row to see your friends profile and check-ins. The person with the most coins for that week wins first place on the leaderboard.


Once your weekly leaderboard is complete, you and your friends will start a new competition for the next week with your coin totals reset.     


Not earning coins on some of your check-ins? Make sure you’re following the rules! More information here: