With every check-in, you will earn coins for various reasons. You’ll earn higher amounts of coins for checking in with friends, checking into particular venues, or continuing a streak!

Throughout the week, you’ll be competing with your friends for the number one spot on the leaderboard.  Everyone’s leaderboard is unique and dependent on their friend group.


How do I use my coins?

48 of your collectible stickers can be applied to a check-in to earn an additional 2 bonus coins.

We’ll suggest the best sticker to add to your check-in for bonus coins and highlight it with golden sparkles! For example: use the Suds McGee sticker at a bar to earn 2 extra bonus coins for that check-in.


Two bonus coins not enough for you? Still wondering what you’ve been collecting these coins for? There is also the option to purchase an upgrade on these 48 stickers using the coins you’ve earned. Upgrades will earn you 2x or 3x coins for that check-in; doubling the amount you would have normally received! The coins spent on sticker upgrades will be taken from your total coin balance (found on your profile), not the amount of coins you have on the current week’s leaderboard.

Once you purchase an upgrade, it's yours forever. Please note that upgrades replace your existing sticker bonus, are limited to once per week, and reset Sunday at midnight. So use them wisely!


Pro tips on how to get the most out of your upgrades:

-You'll want to upgrade stickers that make sense for where you're checking in. For example, if you go to bars a lot, you should upgrade Suds McGee.

-If you want to get real fancy, use your upgraded sticker when you post photos, check in with friends, or at places when you're on a streak. This will help you maximize your bonus coins.






Not earning coins on some of your check-ins? Make sure you’re following the rules! More information here: