Foursquare Marsbot



What is Foursquare Marsbot?

Foursquare Marsbot is your trusted friend that can recommend places to you by learning from your preferences and the places you go every day. 

Foursquare Marsbot helps you discover new places by learning what you like and then sending you recommendations via text. Unlike a chatbot or personal assistant, Foursquare Marsbot isn't here to answer your questions or help you do your laundry; instead Foursquare Marsbot pays attention to your habits and learns about the places you go. From there, Foursquare Marsbot can send you suggestions about great places to eat and drink that are worth seeking out nearby.



Where can I use Foursquare Marsbot?

At the moment Foursquare Marsbot works in San Francisco & New York City. We are hoping to extend to other cities in the near future. Foursquare Marsbot is only supported with US phone numbers on iOS.


How can I unsubscribe from text messages from FoursquareMarsbot?

You may unsubscribe from our text messages by texting STOP in response to a message, by following the instructions contained in the message, or by sending an email to with “Unsubscribe from SMS” in the subject line. Note that deleting the app will not opt you out.


How do I change my phone number?

If you would like to change your phone number, text STOP to 7-6917 (Marsbot). Log out of your account in the app and then create a new account with the new phone number. Currently we do not support switching phone numbers while maintaining your history with Foursquare Marsbot.


I unsubscribed from Foursquare Marsbot, but I want to subscribe again.

Great! Just text START to 7-6917 (Marsbot) and you will be re-enrolled in Foursquare Marsbot messages. Be sure you still have the mobile application on your phone otherwise Foursquare Marsbot won’t be able to keep track of the places you like.


Do you offer a non-SMS version of Foursquare Marsbot?

Currently Foursquare Marsbot is only available over SMS. We may extend to other channels in the future. If you do not want to receive SMS messages from Foursquare Marsbot, please text STOP to 7-6917 (if currently a user) or do not sign up for Foursquare Marsbot (if not a user).


What is the notebook and how can I change what’s in there?

The notebook is Foursquare Marsbot’s way of keeping track of what you like. Entries will appear here based on answers you give to Foursquare Marsbot’s questions, places you frequent or things we infer based on your behavior. Currently you can delete something from your notebook by tapping the X next to the item. You can add something you like to the notebook by texting Foursquare Marsbot with “Add Tastes” and then the items you want to add. For example, “Add tastes ramen, whiskey, bubble tea”.


If I delete the Foursquare Marsbot app, will I stop receiving text messages?

No. The fastest way to stop receiving messages is to text STOP to 7-6917. Alternatively you can email with “Unsubscribe from SMS” in the subject line


How do I permanently delete my account?

Please e-mail to permanently delete your account and all data associated with it. Note that if you signed into Foursquare Marsbot with the same account you use on Foursquare City Guide or Foursquare Swarm, your account will be deleted and all information from all three apps will be deleted.


How do I leave feedback about Foursquare Marsbot?

Click here to leave feedback for the team working on Foursquare Marsbot. If you have account issues or support needs, please contact support directly at


Additional Information

We are in early stages of testing Foursquare Marsbot in the wild. Download the app and sign up for the waitlist if you’d like to help try Foursquare Marsbot. We’ll start inviting people to meet Foursquare Marsbot in NYC and SF first, stay tuned!

A note on battery –

We've spent years developing the location technology that powers Foursquare Marsbot, Foursquare City Guide, and Foursquare Swarm, making it extremely power efficient. But, as with all apps of this type, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.