Off-The-Grid Check-Ins

Sometimes, you want to check into a place, but you don’t want to broadcast your location to your friends. Whether you’re getting balloons for a surprise birthday party, at a coffee shop trying to get some uninterrupted work done, or don’t want anyone to know you’re at an ice cream shop after you just hit the gym (we’re not judging), you can now choose to keep any of your check-ins private.

To toggle between a public and off-the-grid check-in, just tap on the lock icon.

What do my friends see?

When you check in off-the-grid, it will be visible only to you. These check-ins will show up in your history, but won’t be visible to your friends when they view your page. You’ll see a lock icon and “Off the grid” next to any of these check-ins.

When you view the place details of a check-in, we show you if any of your friends have also checked into this place and how many times they have done so. We will only display the number of public check-ins next to a friend’s avatar. If a friend has only ever checked in off-the-grid to a place, we won’t show their avatar.

Please note: if you have Neighborhood Sharing turned on, your general location will still be visible to your friends even if you’ve checked in somewhere off-the-grid. For more info on Neighborhood Sharing, please visit our FAQ page here.

Coins, Stickers, and Mayorships

When you check-in off-the-grid, you will earn one coin for each of the insights that would normally appear during that check-in.

Earning progress toward unlocking Stickers works the same with off-the-grid check-ins as it does for public check-ins.

Mayorships are publically held positions. You’ll need to checkin publically in order to gain progress on a mayorship of a place, or to help hold down your throne.


Your Privacy is important to us. While your off-the-grid check-ins will not be visible to the public or your friends, we will still use these check-ins to give you recommendations, and may use this check-in info in an anonymous manner. To find out more about this, please visit our Privacy 101 page and scroll to “Off-the-Grid Check-ins."