Foursquare Swarm Perks

What is a Perk?

Foursquare Swarm Perks are ways to discover new deals and discounts at places near you! Perks that are redeemable nearby will appear in your feed between your friends checkins:

When you swipe through all the perks in your nearby list, you'll have the option to browse all the perks available in your area:

When you checkin to a participating business, you can use coins to redeem your Perk! Make sure to check the Terms and Conditions to unlock your Perk:



How do they work?

Foursquare Swarm partnered with sites like Gratafy and Snip-Snap to bring you the best deals in your area and when you travel! Unlock Perks and share your winnings to Facebook and Twitter!


Where are Perks available?

Right now Perks are only available to users in the United States. Stay tuned for updates!


My Perk Wasn't Honored!

It’s possible that not all employees are made aware of our partnerships for Perks, and have had reported incidents of places not honoring perks. Please reach out to us ASAP at if you encounter any issues redeeming Perks.