Editing your Check-ins (iOS only)

How to Edit your Check-ins

Check-in somewhere and forget to add that perfect photo? Or want to tag that friend who showed up late to the party? With check-in editing you can make private check-ins public and vice versa, fix typos, add photos, and add friends after the fact! You can edit any check-in you've made up to twelve hours after you check-in (note: check-in editing doesn't work for any check-ins you've already shared to Facebook or Twitter).

To Edit:

  1. Tap on a check-in and go to the check in detail screen
  2. Tap 3 dots in the corner.                                                            
  3. Edit your check-in!


What about my coins?

You can add up to three photos after checking in which are worth 5 coins each. Editing check-in comments, privacy, and friends will NOT award you more coins.