Unauthorized Access FAQ

What happened?

We recently learned that people may have gotten unauthorized access to a small subset of Foursquare accounts. As soon as this was discovered, we began our investigation into this event. Thus far, we learned that approximately 30,000 accounts have been accessed via email addresses and passwords that were obtained from another source. We are consulting with have engaged a forensics team to help us determine what information was accessed, how and when.

In the meantime, to block the unauthorized access, we are forcing user password resets for any user we think may have been affected. This is to ensure we’re safeguarding these users and our entire community.

Here at Foursquare, security and privacy are top priorities. We are truly sorry that this happened. Thank you for your patience and your help by resetting your password.


Do you know what was accessed?

So far, we believe that the actions were limited to accessing and editing Foursquare profile information and “following” new accounts. We have hired an external forensics firm to investigate and validate our logs and analysis.


What do I need to do to protect my account?

If we believed your account was accessed, we forced a password reset to protect you. Please change your password here. If you use the same password in several different apps and websites, we recommend that you change your password elsewhere, too. This will help to keep your accounts safe.


If your account was not affected and your password was not reset, but you use the same password for many apps and websites, we recommend that you change your passwords on all of those services.

How does this incident impact clients of Foursquare’s enterprise and media business?

To date, our investigation has not found that this incident impacts clients or partners of Foursquare’s enterprise or media business, including the Places API, Pilgrim SDK, and Pinpoint, nor has it impacted our internal systems or data. At this time, we believe the incident solely impacts a small percentage of users of Foursquare apps and websites. If you have concerns, please email support@foursquare.com.


What’s next?

As of February 1, 2018, we updated both our privacy policy and cookies policy. These new policies explain our data practices so users are clear about what we collect and how we protect it. Additionally, in the past several months, we’ve been updating many of our security processes and protections, which means we are prepared and ready to act quickly. That’s been particularly helpful over these past few days.


The bottom line: We’re committed to protecting your accounts and our entire community, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for your patience, and for your help.